From top to bottom makeovers to complete new installations, your wish is our command.

Today’s luxury bathrooms have come a long way and some of the latest designs production and installation techniques are not familiar to many builders and plumbers. This is where we come in.

We are the specialists and our years in the trade means that we have seen and resolved almost every kind of problem when renovating or installing new bathrooms and cloakrooms.



Work and Labour

Employer & Public


This is a fast and cost-effective way to deal with this type of home improvement

Cracked tiles, drafty windows, mould, leaks and faulty plumbing are just some of the indicators that you’re in need of bathroom restoration and care.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the variety of fixtures and fittings that can add that personalised finishing touch. 

Our fittings and repairs service allows you to achieve a fresh and updated look without the cost of a complete renovation.

I use local and independent suppliers for all bathroom projects.

We have a wide knowledge of all the fixtures and fittings that you need to personalise and customise your bathroom.

Call us today to get started.


Thinking about a space-saving cloakroom downstairs or installing a modern wet room?

If you are seeking to create space and luxury in a typically small room, a new cloakroom downstairs, a modern wet room or shower room is the perfect solution.  These types of installations are useful for the family with limited mobility.

Elegant cloakroom suites are available for all budgets. And, available in a variety of designs and sizes, a walk in shower or wet room provides a stylish and unconventional alternative to the traditional bath.

Cloakroom Suite Installation

Not only does a cloakroom suite add extra value to your home, it’s also really convenient for guests and young children.  Furthermore, you also have extra space for the morning rush!

Wet Rooms and Shower Rooms

Wet rooms are basically shower rooms that do away with the shower screen and tray, and have an open, fully tiled shower area. If your bathroom is on the small side you probably will need to include a shower screen to prevent everything from getting sprayed.

Water drainage
Installing a wet room is a job for the professionals, as a gradient needs to be created along the floor to channel the shower water into a drain and then the entire room needs to be tanked (waterproofed).

So, if you’re a planning a bathroom refit and considering a walk in shower or wet room,

we are the right experts for the job. We are happy to advise you at our consultation meeting at your home.


With Tuspec the customer experience is central to our work.  We are aware that there are some myths in the industry, such as the price is too high, the builder may run off with my money and that builders can be aggressive, unreliable with bad communication skills.

#1  Do you use subcontractors?

Your new and updated bathroom will be completed by myself and my long-standing highly-qualified team of professionals.

This means you’ll never have to worry about dealing with a range of different tradespeople, or the hassle of having to coordinate all the trades and materials yourself. You will never have the risk of substandard work from random and unfriendly people

#2  How will I know what’s going on?

Excellent client communication and superior workmanship are central to how we work.

We regularly update when we meet our targets and as the different design elements come together, you are kept fully up to date. We rely on you to join us at these meetings so we can have your feedback.

# 3  Are you qualified and insured?

I have been working in the building industry for over 10 years. Your new and updated bathroom will be completed by myself and my  long-standing highly-qualified team of professionals.

Unlike many builders, we are members of our national trade association, The National Federation of Builders.  This ensures that we follow the latest building and construction guidelines and regulations. We also have Employers Liability and Public Insurance.



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